PVC Election Balloon for Advertising | 10 Feet

Original price was: ₹30,000.Current price is: ₹15,000.

Size: 10 Feet
Type: Election Balloon (Sky Advertising Balloon)
Contains: Balloon with Branding, 100 ft. Rope.
Material: PVC
Brand: Admax Sky Balloon

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The PVC Election Balloon for Sky Advertising is a dynamic and attention-grabbing inflatable designed specifically for political campaigns. Crafted from durable PVC material, this promotional balloon serves as a powerful tool to enhance visibility, create excitement, and communicate campaign messages during election seasons. The large and vibrant design ensures that your campaign is impossible to overlook, making a bold statement and leaving a lasting impression on voters.

Key Features of PVC Election Balloon:

  1. Durable PVC Material: Constructed from high-quality PVC, ensuring longevity and resilience against various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  2. Customizable Design: The election balloon can be fully customized to feature campaign logos, candidate images, party colors, and key campaign messages, creating a visually striking and personalized promotional tool.
  3. Inflatable Structure: Designed for easy and quick inflation, ensuring a prominent and attention-grabbing presence at campaign events, rallies, and other political gatherings.
  4. Weather-Resistant: The PVC material is weather-resistant, allowing the balloon to maintain its vibrant appearance even in adverse weather conditions, providing long-lasting visibility throughout the campaign.
  5. Versatile Size Options: Available in various sizes to suit different campaign requirements, from smaller local events to larger rallies.


  • Material: High-quality PVC material, known for its durability and weather-resistant properties.
  • Customization: Full-color printing allows for the inclusion of campaign logos, candidate images, slogans, and party colors.
  • Inflation: Requires a standard air blower for quick and efficient inflation.
  • Size Options: Various sizes available, including options for both ground and rooftop installations.
  • Visibility: The vibrant design and large size ensure high visibility, even from a distance.

Additional Information:

  • Installation: Can be securely anchored to the ground or rooftops for stability during events.
  • Maintenance: Regularly check for any signs of wear and tear, and store appropriately when not in use to prolong the balloon’s lifespan.