16×16 Feet Jumping Jhula (Trampoline) by Admax Sky Balloon

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Size: 16 Feet
Type: Jumping Jhula
Contains: Spring, Screw, Mat, Net
Brand: Admax Sky Balloon

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A “16×16 feet jumping jhula” is a large, outdoor trampoline-style structure that provides a spacious and exhilarating bouncing experience for individuals of all ages. While the term “jhula” traditionally refers to a swing in some Indian languages, in this context, it likely describes the bouncing and swinging motion experienced on this large trampoline. Here’s a product description for a 16×16 feet jumping jhula:

Product Name: 16×16 Feet Jumping Jhula (Trampoline)

The 16×16 Feet Jumping Jhula, also known as a trampoline, is an expansive and high-flying outdoor entertainment and exercise equipment designed to provide an adrenaline-pumping, gravity-defying experience for both children and adults. This enormous trampoline offers a safe and thrilling environment for active play, making it a fantastic addition to outdoor events, parks, and recreational spaces.

16×16 Feet Jumping Jhula Key Features:

  1. Spacious Bounce Area: With dimensions of 16×16 feet, it provides an extensive and exhilarating jumping space for individuals or groups.
  2. Durable Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty, weather-resistant materials, ensuring safety, longevity, and resistance to outdoor elements.
  3. Enclosed Safety Net: Features a full safety enclosure net, designed to prevent accidental falls and provide a secure jumping environment.
  4. Vibrant Design: The trampoline is often adorned with eye-catching colors and designs that enhance its visual appeal and the excitement it offers.

Additional Information:

  • Safety Guidelines: Always adhere to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines regarding weight limits, supervision, and proper usage.
  • Supervision: Adult supervision is essential, particularly when children are using the trampoline.
  • Maintenance: Regular inspections for any wear and tear, proper mat tension, and spring maintenance are important for safety and product longevity.

Cost: Pricing for a 16×16 feet Jumping Jhula Trampoline can vary based on brand, materials, included accessories, and additional features. Contact suppliers or manufacturers for specific pricing details.